Alkhemy Food Group provides an innovative, exciting, and healthy culinary experience. We provide a variety of culinary services that are inspirational and unique to every client’s experience. Alkhemy is a team of highly skilled Culinarians and pastry artists. We specialize in creative, innovative, intricate, fresh, organic, sustainable, and health conscious food practices; to develop an experience to your private event.  We provide clients with Food Science, Nutrition, Food Safety, and Food trend knowledge. We also provide in home private service to clients with Dietary Restrictions. Alkhemy chefs have educational backgrounds from the Top Culinary schools in the country which provides a food responsible relationship with the environment around the chefs. Our mission is to provide a fun filled service with the agenda to Donate 10% of Alkhemy’s proceeds to one of three 501c Non-for profit of the client’s choice. Alkhmey Food Group is dedicated to reaching every person in need throughout the world. We strive to change the world through food by bridging the gap between two classes of culture that would never usually come together. With the help of our clientele we want to create a great food experience and provide services for the less fortunate. Alkhemy Chefs will cost out the client's food and ensure the budget is directly meeting the client’s needs and request. We ensure that we order and buy foods from a negotiated food supply chain with guidance from the client (I.E. Whole Foods, Steward Leonard’s, Restaurant Depot, etc). Alkhemy also provides in home cleaning maintenance of the clients kitchen after servicing the clients event. We do provide our own equipment if client desires (Platters, Plates etc). This brand believes in education and food medicine practices. We provide cooking classes for clients to gain knowledge on food history and culture. Alkhemy chefs are trained in International cuisine, Latin Cuisine, Southern Cuisine, Pastry art décor and various food science infusions recipes such as liquor, Cannabis etc. Our Pastry decor line, Sweet Temptations is baking at its finest which makes us a well rounded group of talent. We also provide a consultation with all clients to ensure we provide the best experience possible.

Alkhemy Food Group is a collaboration of 2 very talented chefs and entrepreneurs.  Chef Roshara Sanders and Director of Operations, Nicole Carmona both graduated from the world’s premier culinary college; The Culinary Institute of America, with Bachelor of Professional Studies degrees. They have traveled all over the country and world studying Wine, French, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Asian Cuisines. Growing up in Bridgeport Connecticut, and the Bronx New York respectively, both students gravitated towards each other because their communities had so much in common. After sharing their common passion for food they realized they would better together " The magic of cooking is in the ingredients. The love of food has brought us together and we must bring the rest of the world with us" Alkhemy strives to support healthy food practices and still manage to make every bite a memory within itself.



Non-For Profit


Habitat for Humanity Global- is a organization  brings people together to build homes, communities and hope". Homes are built using volunteer labor and Habitat makes no profit on the sales.




Event Styles

Alkhemy Chefs provide a intimate in home cooking experience. We prepare every menu in a sit down consultation with the client. Alkhemy Chefs focus on clients with special dietary restrictionsand insure that we maintain the clients budget. We also provide maintenance for the kitchen area once all festivities are completed. Alkhemy chefs take pride in gathering food supplies from per-determined purveyor of the clients choice. We offer in home classes, intimate educational groupings or single teaching workshops, and we deliver a great private chef service for clients who want a skilled chef to show off at a private party.

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