Celebrity Chef Ro embarks on Micro-Foodery Coming 2018 w/ Crase Family Company

Karl Crash president of the Crase Family Companies, and he’s spearheading more positive developments there as well. There is a microfoodery in development that will produce specialty foods with an emphasis on sustainability, organic ingredients and nutrition. The microfoodery, based in economically depressed Rockcastle, KY, will also provide several hundred jobs in an area devastated by abandoned factories.

Even before the Foundation was set up, Crase Family Cos. was a big supporter of Habitat for Humanities International. Through those efforts, Crase met celebrity chef Roshara Sanders, a military veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan deployments who attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, on the GI Bill after her service ended. Sanders went on to win a Food Network competition, Chopped: Military Vets and in 2016, was named one of NBC’s “Top Under 28 Black Entrepreneurs”.

She says the minute she met Crase at a Habitat event in South Carolina, she was hooked by his devotion to that cause. It turns out she was raised in a Habitat home in Bridgeport, CT.

Not only was she intrigued by Karl’s support of philanthropy, but also by microfoodery’s intention to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Sanders will partner with the Crase Companies, developing a line of products for the microfoodery. “My passion,” she said, “is food that is farm-to-table: organic, fresh, fun, nutritious and economically friendly.”

roshara sanders