Alkhemy is a movement, mindset, and behavior that compels the culinary industry to make a difference in the world through food. The mission is to provide complex culinary service in Research & Development with the additional agenda to create OPPORTUNITIES to better the world. We strive to change the world through food, by bridging the gap between two classes and cultures that would never usually coexist. Our company believes in cultivating Food Policy, education, agriculture, food science, food medicine, organic studies, nutrition, and food safety practices with a big splash of fun. We provide Culinary RESEARCH & Development, Culinary Consulting, Menu development, private events, small intimate gatherings, cooking classes, and corporate functions. Alkhemy founders are trained in global cuisines such as; Latin American, American, Middle Eastern, African, French, and carbbiean cuisines.



Our vision is to inspire the Mind, Heart, and Soul through food internationally. The vision of the food group is to travel internationally on behalf of the clients and 501c3 in efforts to build schools, support clean water systems, organic farming, agricultural movements, promote healthy food policies, local sustainable practices, and change the American food system through education and scholarships programs for next generation entrepreneurs.



Alkhemy  provides Research & Development, Culinary Consulting, Private cooking services for several corporate industry leaders. We develop menu concepts along with manual guides on how to run a better establishment for food service groups. Alkhemy chef’s are experts in gathering R&D information and recipe testing for hospitality groups. We conduct memorable  cooking seminars, and food saftey training for guest who want to learn and expand on skills. We prepare every menu in a sit-down consultation with the client. Alkhemy Chefs focus on clients with special dietary restrictions and insure that we maintain the clients finical budget requirements. The goal is to create a food experience that benefits the clients and gives back to the community!