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Founder Chef Roshara S.


Prior to being the accomplished chef she is today, Roshara spent time in the military deploying to Iraq & Afghanistan. It was there that she evolved on her journey and stepped into her purpose. Balancing the highs and lows of life and turning tragedies into testimonies would be one of Chef Ro’s specialties. From becoming. Culinary Institute of America bachelor's graduate. To moving on and winning on the Food Network’s hit show-Chopped,partnering with Habitat For Humanity, to starting her own company -Alkhemy, her ambition goes unmatched and her dedication to transform lives is inspiring. Chef Ro is experienced in Modern Global cuisine. She has travel all over the world and uses her knowledge to bring the best out of every dish


Co-Founder Nicole C.

Also a Culinary Institute of America bachelor's graduate Nicole C. pursed a degree in Baking in pastry arts. She derives from the Bronx, NY with a fine pallet for wines; as she studied in Napa valley. Nicole specializes in event coordination, planning, training, and upholds all  food hospitality culture. She is skilled and trained in the Front of the house where she enjoys interacting with guest and clients. Former President of The Black Culinary Society at the CIA; Nicole represents diversity on all levels. She is experienced also in Modern Global Cuisine.