Founder Chef Roshara Sanders

Prior to being the accomplished chef she is today, Roshara spent several years serving her country in the United States Army; deploying to Iraq & Afghanistan. Balancing the highs and lows of life and turning tragedies into positive testimonies; Roshara pursued an education after finishing her obligated service contract. Attending The Culinary Institute of America Roshara finished and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts managment. Short there after graduation; Roshara competed on The award winning show Chopped on the Food Network; winning the competition. She now partnered with Habitat For Humanity Global, and has landed an official licensing deal to create her own food products with Crase family Companies. Starting her own company -Alkhemy, her ambition goes unmatched and her dedication to transform lives is inspiring. No wonder why; Roshara has been recognized by NBCBLK as top 28 entrepreneurs in the nation. She has also been recognized by the National Restaurant Association as the Faces of Diversity American Dream winner. Chef Ro is now taking on James Beard Foundation Policy and Change boot-camp program. She is experienced in Modern Global cuisine, and has travel all over the world while using her knowledge to bring the best out of every dish.


Co-Founder Nicole Carmona

Also a Culinary Institute of America bachelor's graduate; Nicole C. pursued a degree in Baking & Pastry arts. She derives from the Bronx, NY with a fine pallet for wines and spirits. Nicole studied a semester away in Napa valley where she dedicated her time to learn and perfect Front of House management. Nicole specializes in event coordination, event planning, front of house training developer, pastry menu development, and food consulting. She upholds all food hospitality culture and exudes women excellence . She is skilled and trained in hospitality management; where she enjoys interacting with guest and clients. Former President of The Black Culinary Society at the Culinary Institute of Americas; Nicole represents diversity on all levels. She is experienced also in Modern Global Cuisine. KNow taking on a new position as the Executive Chef, at Hall's on The River in Lexington KY. NIcole is an expert at building restaurants to their full potential.